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Secure Child and Infant Care Facility in Poway, CA

At the Children's Preschool & Learning Center, your child engages in enriching activities with other students while learning in a safe environment. Our child and infant care facility is designed to accommodate the needs of young children while encouraging them to explore and learn. By employing an open space concept, we teach children to develop independence and self-discipline.

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Updated Essentials

Each classroom in the Children's Preschool & Learning Center is air-conditioned and provides easy access to drinking fountains and restrooms. The restrooms are outfitted with age-appropriate toilets and sinks. In this way, your child builds confidence while learning and developing basic hygiene habits.

Indoor Amenities

Learning is easy and fun in our facility. Every classroom stocks a wealth of educational learning materials, including manipulative toys and challenging learning centers. Our open space concept allows for separate classrooms while allowing for exploration. Visiting parents enjoy access to each class without interrupting in-progress lessons, art projects, or individual supervised play.

Outdoor Activities

Your child gains access to a safe and exciting outdoor play area when you enroll her in our child care preschool program. Our two separate fenced yard areas are outfitted with sandboxes, woodchip boxes, and playground equipment designed for young children. Our yard also features a gardening center and lunch area with shaded tables. Students enjoy access to an outdoor drinking fountain.

In addition to age-appropriate equipment, our outdoor area is stocked with tricycles, sand toys, balls, and other games. Our staff constantly supervises all student interactions while encouraging individual and group play. This allows your child to develop their conflict resolution skills that will be a life long asset.

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